The Scottish Thistle

Do you want to know the meaning behind the Scottish Thistle? This post will help you get a better understanding of this flowers significance.
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How To Tie A Celtic Leather Bracelet By Yourself

Did you purchase a brightly colored leather bracelet with Celtic knot at an event, wore it that day then took it off? Now you don't know how to get it to stay on. This how to will show you how to easily put the bracelet on and tie it by yourself.
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Helping Out a Cancer Fighter

Are you wondering why there's a very unCeltic cap on our front page? Read to find out how we're helping a cancer patient.
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Legend of the Selkie

Haven't heard of a Selkie. Read to find out a little more on this fascinating fantasy creature.
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Costumes of Brittany on National Geographics

While wandering the web today, I came across a very interesting set of images on the National Geographic website. It contained images of different traditional Brittany attire for woman. Why …

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Oval Claddagh

The Irish Claddagh

We answer the questions of what is a claddagh and how you wear it.
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The Scottish Luckenbooth

Ever wonder about this interesting symbol? Find out more about it here.
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Bad Trinity Circle Closeup

Finding A Bad Embroidery Design

What to do when you find a bad embroidery design you purchased.
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Buying Embroidery Online

Here's some information you should know before purchasing embroidery online.
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