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How To Tie A Celtic Leather Bracelet By Yourself

Do you have a leather bracelet with a Celtic design that you purchased at an event and just don’t know how to get it to stay on? We get that question a lot and have a great way to get and keep that bracelet on all by yourself.

First, slip that bracelet on over your hand with the little strip of leather going through both holes.

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Next, pull on the end of the leather strip without the knot to tighten up the bracelet. Make it as tight or as loose as you want it.

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Slip the slightly pointed end under the bracelet to create a loop with the tail.

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Push the point through the loop you just created.

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Pull the leather tight creating a knot.

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Finally, if you do not want the tail sticking out, you can wrap it around the section that looks like a bar and tuck the tip under the thicker part of the bracelet.

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With this method of attachment you can also take the bracelet off by yourself when you need to. As you continue to take the bracelet on and off the tail of the bracelet will get more malleable and easier to manipulate.

We hope this set of instructions helps and allows you to wear that wonderful leather bracelet again.