What We Can Do For You

At Celtique Creations, we take our embroidery seriously.

We are present at about a dozen Celtic-heritage shows each year, as well as general Ethnic events such as the Festival of Nations. While we may change what we have in stock to better match the heritage of the event, you can always count on us for two things: Quality, and a commitment to serving our customers.

We carry a variety of embroidered items: Tee-shirts, sweatshirts (regular sweatshirts, hoodies, zip-ups), jackets, hats, handmade leather sporrans and a variety of bags. We like to say “if we can hoop it, we can embroider it!”.

One of the best parts about the versatility of embroidery is just this: The customization is nearly endless. Do you want that Celtic knot in purple on one of our hoodies, or perhaps that Welsh Dragon on an engineer bag? We can make that happen. Feel free to talk to us at shows, or contact us online, and we’ll do our best to get you what you want.

Please note that even though we specialize in Celtic embroidery, we are more than happy to embroider other designs or emblems for you. We have embroidered things such as dance costumes, crowns and headbands, personalized bags and leather bike and riding chaps.