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The Scottish Luckenbooth


What exactly is this funny named symbol? Traditionally a Luckenbooth is a heart or two entwined hearts with a crown above. They are often said to be the Scottish Claddagh.

Historically Luckenbooths were silver brooches purchased from booths in Edinburgh going by the same name. These brooches were given as betrothal or wedding gifts or worn by pregnant women or babies to keep them from harm. From this it can be said that a Luckenbooth is a symbol of love and protection.

Small LuckenboothThe origins of the symbol are unknown, but there are many stories contributing its popularity to Mary Queen of Scots. One states that the Luckenbooth was a symbol of love and devotion the Queen gave to Lord Darnley. Another is that it was a brooch given to the Queen as an engagement present by the Dauphin of France; whom she later married.

Like many traditional symbols, you can now find Luckenbooth symbols in many contemporary forms. From t-shirts to stationary, jewelry to tattoos, the Luckenbooth has endured as a beloved symbol of the Scots.