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Bad Trinity Circle Closeup

Finding A Bad Embroidery Design

Oh Dear! Where has the time gone?!?! We’ve been working hard to be prepared for Irish Fair, Irish Fest, and our other events that are coming up fast!

One thing that happens when you have a huge design library is that you see some designs that you haven’t stitched out before but look beautiful as a thumbnail or on your computer. Unfortunately when you stitch them out they look nothing like what was on the screen. They are so bad that it’s easier to re-digitize them rather than try to fix them.

This is one such design:

Bad Trinity Circle

In this picture the jump stitches are most noticeable. Those aren’t so bad when you have a few to clip, but this design has them all over.

Here’s a close-up of the same design:

Bad Trinity Circle Closeup

Notice that there are extra stitches along the sides of some segments going toward others. That’s just poor digitizing and pathing. Good designs (the ones that we have for sale) tries to keep movements like that hidden or are nonexistent.

I still liked the concept of this design and really wanted to put it on some items, so I re-digitized it. I used the existing design as my template and worked my way around.

This is my first attempt:

Trinity Circle Atempt 1

It’s decent, but there are too many elements that I have to tweek to get it looking perfect.  With our shows looming, I didn’t quite have time to sit and fiddle with this one. So I started again.

Here’s what I got:

Trinity Circle

Beautiful and it covers well with even stitches. The best part of this one, there are no thread cuts or stops from start to finish. It’s vastly different from the first design.

You can find this one on t-shirts and possibly bags (if I get to them this week).

Oh, I also updated the site with some more new designs appearing at Irish Fair/Fest and subsequent events. You should check them out!